Marcus Goldson Painter | Latest Art collection 2017

Marcus Goldson

Marcus’ paintings, watercolours and prints are ironic visual diaries, revelling in the grotesque and familiar. From a bus ride in Budapest to his wildlife paintings, the artist captures the flat essence of life, full of humour and colours.

In a city like Budapest you can witness anything from the plain hilarious to the weird and macabre in a matter of minutes on the same street. Essentially, my Budapest pictures show people being people, dogs being dogs, pensioners behaving badly and everyone generally being themselves in a place that is always rewarding to paint.

I’ve never consciously pursued a single style. A good idea or the nature of the subject matter (or my circumstances) almost dictate how I should depict it. Most of my pictures are observations of real life with a little embellishment by me. I think anything that is visually interesting, or that provokes a story, laughter, imagination, empathy and understanding is valid food for my pictures”.

Marcus Goldson was born in Kenya and after finishing his studies in Art History and Sculpture in the UK, he moved to Hungary following his beloved. He has been living and working in Budapest since 1993, observing and painting everyday life around him.