10 Easy Tricks For Improving Vintage Clothes

10 Easy Tricks For Improving Vintage Clothes

November 28, 2017 - by hababa


We at Hababa Designer Store in Budapest love vintage clothes. This is why we decided to show 10 easy tricks for improving your old and unused garment in your wardrobe. With these simple improvements you will wear modern and special clothes.


  1. Sometimes older clothes does not fit you, they can be too big or small. Try to change their size somehow. A tight sweater won’t be small anymore if you transform it into a cardigan.



  1. We love denim. It is a basic piece of garment either as jeans, jacket or skirt. We think that it will never go out of fashion. Try to sew laces on the bottom of your jeans. Also painting can be a great solution for renewing them. Use simple patterns such as hearts, dots, etc.




  1. Old shirts and blouses can be refreshed if you sew pears, flitters or rhinestones on them. These simple changes can cause quite new and particular view. Try to put pears on the collar and rhinestones around the neck.




  1. Another very good idea is to replace the old buttons on your clothes. With this simple trick your coats or jackets will look totally different.



  1. Shirts are also classic pieces of garment either in normal or oversize. If you have an unused male shirt modify it to a breezy summer dress. You can choose whole-colored or striped and patterned shirts as well.



  1. Use a belt with your old dresses. It makes you look slimmer and highlights female lines. There are plenty of belts everywhere in the city.



  1. Don’t be afraid to grab scissors and cut your old clothes. Also the simplest white T-shirt can be transformed into a designer look piece with strips. Or try to remove the arms from a shirt.




  1. We like bodies because they are sexy. Look how simple is to make a body out of an old top. It is just a few cuts and stitches.



  1. Accessories are also necessary for dressing. With the following practice you can make a jewel out of a shirts collar.



  1. And here it is our last tip. You don’t even need anything to make this work. Just tie a shirt on your waist.



We wish you fun and even more creative ideas!


Borbála Duska


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