10 tips for buying vintage and retro clothes

10 tips for buying vintage and retro clothes

December 15, 2017 - by hababa


If you are also a great vintage and retro fan, but you do not always find the proper clothes, this article is for you. We share 10 tips to make your vintage an retro seeking journeys easier.


1. First of all, you should choose an era, which you would like to vivify through your own clothing. You can read about the various eras in one of our previous articles.




2. Choose clothes that fits your style, because it is easy to overdo your outfit. Vintage and retro clothes can be quite extravagant, thus it is not advised to mix up eras for example. As the quote says: less is sometimes more.



3. Try to identify the difference between retro and vintage clothes. Vintage is always a quality product made of quality materials and represents an older era. While retro clothes are usually made of modern textiles and come from the 60-90s.



4. It is worth to check the tag on the selected piece. Until 1950 there were no tags on the clothes, or the tags only said the name of the producer. However since the 1970s tags also provide information about the composition, etc.



5. The type of the zipper can also tell a lot about the age of the vintage garment. Because there were no zippers before the 1930s, and until the 70s all zippers were made of metal.



6. It is important to buy clothes which are not faulty. Thus don’t forget to check the garment and look for unwanted holes and tears, because fixing these are time consuming and not always possible. Check the sewing, pockets, etc. Of course, some holes can look good, it is always your decision.


7. Check also the quality of the material. Both vintage and retro clothes can be old, thus the material can fall apart on you. It is the best if you try to avoid these situations.



8. Before buying old vintage clothes, always think about complementing pieces which are already in your wardrobe.



9. Don’t be afraid of smaller or larger clothes than your size. During different eras sizing changed a lot. If you like something, don’t hesitate to try it on.



10. And finally, don’t be surprised if some vintage garment has higher price than casual new clothes. The reason behind this is the rarity of these clothes. Sometimes there are only a few of one specific piece on the whole World. But in this case you can be sure that you wear some really exclusive stuff.



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