5 Fashion Donts That Are Now Dos

5 Fashion Donts That Are Now Dos

January 9, 2018 - by hababa


Have you ever experienced that on your old pictures you had looked really creepy? If the answer is yes, then we have good news! Many clothing styles which were tabus several years ago, are now not just OK, but cool and even recommended.


1. The first tabu would be the sandal-socks pairing. Of course, this is still a quite rare clothing style, and few have the courage to try it, but in more and more shops you can buy special socks even especially for this type of wearing. And with these socks your look can be cool and special too.


sandal with socks


sandal with socks



2. Some years ago it was hard to imagine that we would wear our favorite skirt with running shoes. It is true that the classical combination of skirt and high heels can look great, but these shoes are much more comfortable for your weekdays. This is why we like to combine these things. So you can be elegant any day without high heels.


sport shoes with skirt



3. Did you ever think, that you would go out on a Saturday night in teddy pants? Hell, yes! With a clever outlook concept it is not embarrassing anymore.




4. Trapeze trousers were cool in the 60s, then again around 2000, but it was absolutely out of fashion around 2010. For a few years ago it is again a possibility to wear something extravagant.


trapeze trousers



5. Tall waist trousers were the mainstream in the 70s. And well, it seems that they are again. Remember the hip trousers of 2000? It is game over, or at least for a few years tall waist rules.



So, just be brave and try out things that were don’ts a few years ago. With a good sense of style anything can be cool in 2017.


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