5 Hungarian designers you didn't know Yet (But Should)

5 Hungarian designers that you didn’t even know

October 4, 2017 - by hababa

Since the opening of Hababa Store in June 2017, we met many new and interesting Hungarian designers. In this post we collected those innovative and emerging fashion brands that we love yet they didn’t receive wider publicity. You can find them all in Hababa Designer Store and Gallery.



CZZS is a jewellery brand created by a girl who was among artist during all her life. Her grandfather is a goldsmith, her sister is an illusionist while her mother is an applied artist. So she had many opportunities to learn and gather inspiration from them. Zsuzsanna Czékmann likes to play with shapes and nature. She is a great fan of natural materials. It is worth to follow her career because she creates new and more and more interesting jewels, while she is not in the mainstream and among the well-known designers.



Petra Balogh founded her brand in 2012 at Győr. Her all time desire was to create a garment which is special but still wearable. Many of her work can be found in Hababa, so we can bravely state that she succeeded in reaching her desire. Her clothes are interesting, unique, feminine and comfortable. We absolutely confident about her long time success. And her place should be among the best of Hungarian textile designers.


Abigail Wirth

Well, who saw any of Abigail Wirth’s clothes already should know that each of her creation is unique and hard to forget. And who met her personally knows that she is even more hard to forget. Abigail’s every idea and project in the scene of fashion is exceptional as she is a textile designer and fine artist at the same time. That’s it, let the pictures talk.


AME Création

Emese Pálfalvi’s enamel jewels are only available in Hababa in Pest side of the city yet. However, this shouldn’t last for long… Her necklaces and earrings are made of polygons which create exciting shapes. With a sharp look, one can see birds and other living organisms in them. The dreamer of these enamel gems plays with textures and colors, while her creations are always airy, refreshing and elegant.


We spotted Nadin’s socks on Instagram. Yes, colorful and playful socks, with lovely patterns made by her own hands. 19 years old Nadin Székely still studies as a fine artist, but she already mixes and complements her creativity with her chic. We hope that soon she will make more and more types of garment. She also creates linocuts, which are simple but lovely at the same time.

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