5 tips when buying designer clothes

5 tips when buying designer clothes

October 19, 2017 - by hababa


Every time, when I buy designer clothes in Budapest, I have to think about a few things carefully. This is because of several reasons. First of all, I buy these kinds of clothes because I don’t want to wear an ordinary fast fashion piece. Second, I don’t want to get tired of my dress after a month. My goal is to buy something that can be one of my favorites for years. The only problem is that this kind of garment is a bit more expensive than other usual clothes. Thus I made a 5 point guideline to be able to think fast and decide easily. Here it is:


1. Don’t buy anything that you are not sure about for the first sight!

I made this mistake many times. I was eager to find something that I really love, but the feeling to “buy something” was more powerful. So at the end I bought something which was “almost” perfect. I thought it will be better in time, but that never happened. Do not buy anything which is not perfect, because later you will regret that.



2. Don’t look only for the prices!

Even if you buy a designer piece cheaper than you expected, if it is not what you really wanted, you will regret that. Still, you might be able to sleep, it is better to learn from these mistakes. Sometimes spending more is the good choice in the long term.



3. Express yourself!

Be sure that what you buy expresses you, not your escort or the one who proposed the clothes. People make this mistake many times, and don’t learn from it.



4. Take it and enjoy it!

A great advantage of designer garment that they were designed by creative people. Every piece is an independent creation. Have the courage to wear flashy clothes. You will feel special even on your worst day.



5. Look for new designers!

It is worth to search for products of various designers. Don’t stuck, have more and always new favorites. Luckily it is an era of creativity. More and more designers appear with brand new and hot things every month. That is why we never stuck either at Hababa Designer Store in Budapest.



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