8 types of cool pants to wear instead of your jeans

8 types of cool pants to wear instead of your jeans

February 28, 2018 - by hababa


It is quite easy to become addict on jeans. This is because it fits to almost everything and it is a comfortable wear. We recognized, that we were in the same shoes, and we forgot about many other opportunities. We put together these variants to make your life easier 🙂


1. Training pants

Well, it might be a bit odd as a first thought, because it reminds us to P.E. lessons and the gym. But who loves comfort has her lucky day. Training pants as a street wear is flourishing. Here are some tips, how you should wear them:






2. Checkered trousers

It fits wonderfully to many things. You can wear colorful, black and white, or even floral tops, it looks wicked with anything:






3. Velvet pants

On cooler spring days the best choice is the velvet. We are happy that it can be acquired in many colors nowdays. So it shouldn’t take you back into the kindergarten feeling:






4. High-waisted trousers

It is better than the jeans variant, because your bottom is much shaped in it. And we think this quite a contributing factor…






5. The awaited trapeze

It is back! In more styles and with louder echo. We just love it. Do you?






6. Leather pants

Even if it is artificial or real, leather pants could be absolutely gorgeous. By wearing leather pants you can avoid further thinking about your outfit. It cheers up everything.






7. Striped trousers

As we saw with checkered pants, striped trousers will also pull through anywhere. The only thing that you should take care of that the stripes should be vertical. You don’t even have to search for long to get one of these, you can find several in any vintage shops:






8.   The “just awesome” pants

Pants that are always good. Pants in which you always feel spectacular. These can be any style, made of any material. The point is that you should feel great in them. If you feel that you are the best when you wear it, you found it:










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