How Much You Actually Know About Vintage Clothing

How Much Do You Actually Know About Vintage Clothing

December 5, 2017 - by hababa


The word “vintage” became a buzzword recently. It appears in fashion, architecture, hairstyle and also in makeup. More and more people wish to have exclusive and special clothing, but due to globalization also in fashion it is a pretty hard work to do. As we, our clothes  become more and more cosmopolitan. And this is the time when the vintage style can be quite useful.


We should know that vintage is not equal to retro. Many people mess up these two expressions, but even they refer to similar things, there are significant differences between their meanings. Both expression is connected to the fashion of the past. Retro is a kind of fashion nostalgia, meanwhile the meaning of vintage includes oldness and quality. It is not easy to distinguish these two styles and locate them on the timeline of the 20th century. But in many cases it is possible to feel the main differences. A main milestone was the 1960s, when the mass production of clothes was started and new materials appeared such as nylon and polyester.


So if we want to give a simple and short defeinition, then we can call retro as the fashion of 1960-1990s. During these years the clothes were mass commodities, thus we can’t call them vintage clothes in a classical way. Even if it is quite common word nowadays. The real and authentic vintage garment comes from the era of II. World War and before. Most of these pieces were sewed by hands and only a few pieces were made of one particular dress. Obviously these clothes have a more significant theoretical value too. Most common specificities of vintage are fine workmanship, detailedness, laces and light famine style.







If you want to build in the vintage style into your clothing, then it is practical to choose one specific era for one set which fits your actual idea the most. It is important to choose only one or few pieces of clothes in one compilation, because this way it becomes more sophisticated. If you are a vintage fan then it is capital to find the harmony between the authentic and actual fashion and customize it for yourself.


1920s: Charlestonos shining, and a flashback today




1930s: a boyish Chanel set, and a similar compilation from 2017




1940s: huge furs then and now




1950s: authentic A style skirt and its 21st century version



1960s: long leather boots then and today




Well, we strongly recommend to check out your grannie’s wardrobe, because there might be some nice pieces. Vintage is more than wearing some dresses. These clothes have stories which can be completed and extended by you.


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