Introducing Fanni's SATIN jewelry

Introducing Fanni’s SATIN jewelry

November 6, 2017 - by hababa


Last week on Thursday Fanni Szűcs introduced her newest jewelry collection called SATIN within the confines of a press breakfast.



The young goldsmith and designer gathered inspiration of the world of contrasts and optical illusions. The new creased silver jewels are proper continuation of the previous BRISA and INSIDE collections. Innovative approach and particular shapes are the main attributes of this new collection with its name which tells us a lot about these fantastic jewels.



These (on the first view) large “statement” jewels are so light that if we were wearing a piece of creased satin. It is easy to find a proper piece for anybody because (as we got used to it) there are different sizes of every type.



It is very important to mention that the items are made by hand, so technically it is impossible to find two identical pieces. The most emphasis is on the larger earring, which can be worn any weekday but also on special events.



Fanni’s unique (made for order) jewels were also part of the mentioned press breakfast. These are diffierent types of items like engagement ring, wedding ring and other pieces made for gift. These are made of gold and decorated with high quality unique sanding gems. This is why Fanni’s jewels are new and classical at the same time.

We were very happy to be able to participate and host this event. Beyond the jewels there were a nice selection of sandwitches, fruits and drinks. While Hungaria champagne was the official bubble supporter of the event. Cheers!






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