This Is What Women Wore in The 1960s

This Is What Women Wore in The 1960s

November 22, 2017 - by hababa


Famine lines, low profile, gracefulness, reforms… these were the main fashion specialties of the 60s. No one should be surprised how much these inspired us here at Hababa Designer Store in Budapest.


The 60s were an important turning point in terms of fashion. Before that, who did not wear the mainstream was interpreted as a poor person.  While in the 60s differentiating ourselves form the mainstream symbolized freedom. Mass consumption started after the World War II, which had a powerful impact also on the fashion industry. Thanks to several technical innovations, new synthetic materials appeared quickly. Artifical material came into fashion. Plastic, nylon and other synthetic fiber materials were used commonly. Because of all these changes, good quality confections became cheaper and cheaper.


Slogan of the decade: „Simplicity and rebellion.”


Many confident women became fashion leaders, who formed the style of housewives, students and working class women. For example Audery Hepburn, who gave meaning to the “little black” dress through her movies. Also Jackie Kennedy, who popularized the pillbox hat. Not to mention Jean Shrimpton, who can be interpreted as a pioneer before the appearance of Twiggy or Kate Moss.





Shirtwaist dresses and tunics


One of the most inspiring designer of the 60s was the British Mary Quant due to her revolutionary innovations. She created the straight bottom shirtwaist dress early in her career, which hides feminine lines. Rudi Gernreich and Pierre Cardin made many different versions of this dress, for example with huge pockets or contrasting hem.



The mini-skirt


Quant also made a big boom with introducing the mini-skirt. This hot garment was published in trapeze or toby frill design in many colors. The “mini” created a giant fashion revolution, because many clothes had to be banished from the wardrobes, such as suspenders, which were replaced colorful pantyhose designed also by Quant.



Decade of pants


It is true that pants appeared in women’s fashion already in the 30s. However, its great break-through was in the 1960s. More and more women wore pants or pantsuit. The idea of pantsuits was created by Yves Saint Laurent, who introduced this type of clothes in 1966 in her „Le Smoking” collection. Pants became the symbol of unisex clothing and people started to wore them on their hip instead of on their waist.



Space age


In 1961 Gagarin was the first person, who traveled in space, and this event  inspired also designers – for example Paco Rabanne and Pierre Cardin –  to create galactic dresses.




Revolution of patterns


Arts always had an impact on fashion. In the 60s the geometric patterns of op-art and pop-art influenced also designers in their work.



Hippies and freedom


Rebellion was a typical characteristic of the era, which was represented by hippies in fashion. The hippy culture – originally a youth movement– was about rebellion, freedom, peace, expression of love, and return to nature. Hippies used plenty of colors, flowers and non-violent patterns reflecting on their attitude and way of life.



Women shouldn’t be afraid of wearing clothes from the 60s, because this era created one of the most feminine style in the world of fashion. This is why we love these garments so much at Hababa Designer Store Budapest.


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