Where can you buy the best designer and retro clothes?

Best place to buy retro designer clothes in Budapest

December 15, 2017 - by hababa


There are several nice designer shops or vintage boutiques in Budapest, but this article is about a special place. Where the coolest Hungarian (and also some foreign) designer garment as well as a horde of vintage-retro clothes can be acquired. This is the Hababa Designer Store (1052 Budapest, Fehér Hajó u. 8-10.)


Hababa is very colorful venue. Instead of the usual boring black and white designer garment, in Hababa you can find special, colorful and playful clothes, shoes bags, jewels, etc., which come from more than 40 Hungarian and some foreign designers, not mentioning the huge selection of vintage-retro clothes.


Colorful Hababa


In Hababa your size of wallet is not a question, while your sensitivity to fashion is. Everybody can find special retro clothes in a reasonable 2-30 EUR price range. While of course the coolest designer stuff is also available for around 10-300 EUR. Good news that the products are continuously on smaller or bigger sale, and there are special sale days too. And everyone get 5% if they check in on Facebook, or 10% if they buy a coupon.


Vintage-retro set, worth 50 EUR in total


Designer set



An important question is: “How much time do you want to spend on finding the proper clothes?”. Bad decisions are spending all your day with searching for designer or vintage boutiques in the city, or buying the same clothes as you would buy at home in huge fast fashion stores. While the good decision is to visit Hababa with 150 m2 store space and find as many special pieces you can. Another good news is that in Hababa new garment arrives every week.


lost in Budapest designer and vintage boutiques



Finally, what makes this store a true unique place is the Hababa community. Because this is a veue where there are interesting events regularly: DIY workshops, charity events and campaigns, designer shows, etc.


Workshops in Hababa



If you are interested in this superb community, and would like to be informed about sales and events you can Like the Facebook page below, or check directions here.