Why do we love retro and vintage clothing?

Why do we love retro and vintage clothing in Budapest?

October 25, 2017 - by hababa


Just because!

All right, to tell the truth we love them because you can buy retro and vintage clothes in Budapest at a reasonable price. Moreover you can’t buy such things as brand new. Attrition on new denim is so obviously new. And we all know that what looks old, worth money.



Of course retro and vintage clothing is a lifestyle too. Like computer gaming, or golf. It is exactly like that, but different.




From the moment that you feel desire to have something vintage and check sites that show pictures of such garment. Way through the locations that you visit, where retro clothes are sold. Meet people like you, talk to them about the clothes or music (maybe fell in love one of them). Then you make your pick, and cry for some discount, while the others laugh on you, or get 5-10% discount for your truly beautiful eyes and smile. Then you fell in love to each other and live happily ever after. Until death. Because that will happen for sure. I think it gives enormous strength if one clarifies for him or herself every morning that maybe this is his or her last day. Or the last day before some sort of serious health problem would emerge.



There are 3 very important rules of retro/vintage clothing and lifestyle:


1. Only real vintage garment is worth to buy

2. There are no rules, if you like anything, buy it

3. If you don’t like something, think before buying it



Finally, the last two contributing factors to be mentioned for buying vintage clothes are that it is environmentally friendly. Trees do not have to be cut off, if you wear retro clothes. While it is also ethical, because buying second hand and old stuff is free of children work somewhere in the east. Instead you reuse something that was dedicated for waste anyway. And this is a cool thing recently by the way, either you have or haven’t got money. Trust us, money can’t buy happiness, but retro can.


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