Do Christmas yourself

Do Christmas yourself

January 2, 2018 - by hababa


Again another Christmas has passed, we hope that you all enjoyed the Holidays. This year, Christmas preparation was quite special at Hababa. Various DIY workshops were held in our store, where anybody could create a gift or two for her/him loved ones.


Dec 8 a new workshop debuted in our store. Zsófia Szőnyegi, the founder of Macondo Textile came and created DIY event at Hababa. In 30-40 minutes quite nice ornaments or medallions could be created. See picture below and also above.


Macondo ornaments




We had another debut Dec 14. Erika Géresi, the founder of Airika floristry held a very special Chirstmas wreath workshop. The warm and happy atmosphere is show by the video below.


▪︎▪︎ Koszorú készítő workshop ▪︎▪︎

Elkészült karácsonyi hangulatú kisfilmünk a legutóbbi workshopunkról, amin kopogtatókat készítettünk. Köszönjük a Hababa Designer Store and Gallerynek a helyszínt, Gary Jungmannek és Laci Molnar-Bernathnak pedig a videót! 🙌🏼

Közzétette: Airika – 2017. december 16.


Az üzletbe is készült egy csodás karácsony kopogtató




Dec 16 there was also a whole-day workshop event in Hababa. Dorka Pauletti and Máté Kovács, the founders of Amient design brand were in our store all day and helped the visitors to make their own booklets. As we expected a throng of people came and tried their knowledge in bookbinding.


Work in progress…



Also the floor was used for work



Dec 17 Eszter Korcsmár, the founder of Artkores held again a doodad jewelry workshop.


The most creative things always being prepared with Eszter



If you don’t want to miss any of our workshops like our page below. For example in Jan 14 Eszter Korcsmár will hold another doodad jewelry workshop. Until then, we wish you a very happy new year!



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