We collected more than one ton of clothes for charity

Designer clothes shop launched a campaign for charity in Budapest

December 19, 2017 - by hababa


A huge success was achieved form a tiny simple initiative.  We put a lot of effort into the campaign, and received many help from the Red Cross, but without you this couldn’t happen.


We contacted the Hungarian Red Cross Organization in November, that we would like to organize a charity clothes collecting campaign in our Hababa Designer Store. Luckily this initiative found open ears and motivation at Red Cross. We created the two weeks campaign event, and started to convince people to bring in their old unused clothes into Hababa. We wrote to many friends directly too. Then the collecting box was ready and Dec 4, 2017 we launched the campaign.


Red Cross box is ready


The first donation


We’re being loaded



At the end of the first week, we were really happy about the 153 kilos we had collected. Almost every day someone came in and brought some clothes. This was the amount that we expected. Then, on Sunday our phones started to ring, due to the online call of Red Cross. The second week was more active after this. We continuously tried to put away the donations from the box into other places of our store, because it was always full. Finally, two days before the end of the campaign, there was a call on index.hu that we were collecting donations for Christmas in downtown. The campaign was unleashed after this. There is no other words, but we were just stuffed.


Being stuffed


Donations everywhere in the store




We made several photos of the donors (who gave permission), to be able to remember to these wonderful two weeks. The clothes were transferred to MikulásGyár (SantaFactory) by the Red Cross, and the last portion were shipped by us (Lili, Gábor and Lencsi) to the venue. Altogether around 1160 kg were collected in the campaign.


We also asked for the names of the donors, but many of you wanted to donate without names. So (without the need for completeness) here come the names and photos. We thank you all your help. We are really happy that so many of you were active and thought about the people in need. If any of you missed our campaign, you can still take your donation to the MikulásGyár, where Ildiko Buncsik the the warmhearted accepts your offerings at Ötvenhatosok tere, Budapest.


At MikulásGyár (SantaFactory)



Donors: Barnabás Trunkó, Fanni Szűcs, Andrea Jamrik, Eszter Pogány, Katalin Szebeni, Judit Ungár, Anett Leányvári, Dalma Csákvári, Noémi Jági, Claudia Dancsházi, Zsófia Koczka, Alexandra Bondi…


Special thanks: Péter Zsolt Horváth (Red Cross), Gyula Kiss (Red Cross), Ildikó Buncsik (MikulásGyár), Bálint Szalai (index.hu), Petra Reményi (campaign evangelist)




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