Workshops in Hababa

Workshops in Hababa

October 17, 2017 - by hababa

Autumn is here, thus indoor events become more and more popular again. Last week there were two workshops in Hababa, and we are preparing with more during the whole season. On Tuesday Oct 10 there was a doodad jewelry workshop where Artkores style trinkets could be made with the help of Eszter Kores who is the founder of the brand. On Saturday Oct 14 there was a booklet workshop with the help and participation of the Amient Design team.


Artkores jewelry workshop


The jewels of Eszter Kores are quite stunning. She creates playful and identical things out of reused materials, pearls, old toys, etc. On this workshop the visitors could try to create these kind of doodads with the help of Eszter. We asked for preliminary registration, but also several visitors from the street sat down and started to work. Some visitors also brought their own doodads and used them for their creations.



I am a great fan of Eszter’s trinkets, so I indeed sat down and started to make one bracelet for my wife. First I started to cut out various natural elements (star, moon, cloud, thunder, etc.) of different reused textiles and plastics. Then I searched for some particular items among the throng of things that Eszter and the others brought. One of my favorite was an orange car indicator lampshade broken piece.

When all of the elements were in front of me, Eszter helped me to create the bracelet out of them. The natural elements become dangles, while the other things (lampshade, pearl, Lego cup, chain, plastic cable) become the body of the bijou. The following picture shows the end product. I was quite satisfied with it, and fortunately my wife was so.




Amient booklet workshop


The Amient team with Dorka and Máté also brought many materials for the booklet workshop. On this event 20 people participated at least. There were booklet creators at the working desk all day. Also my wife and I participated, where we realized that several kinds of booklet types can be made.



We also really like Aminet booklets and stickers, so my wife, Lili decided to make a simple one, which can be done in 30 minutes. She chose the material for the cover, which she bent with Dorka’s help. Then she made two holes with a bodkin and a hammer where later the booklet could be sewed. After these steps there was only some fine tuning. She created a custom pattern on the cover by drawing. Others could use also cover designs pre-made by the Amient team.

On the following picture you can see the result. This is a really simple booklet, but who received it was really happy.



Thanks for participating! We will organize new workshops soon. If you want to be informed about them, don’t forget to like our Facebook page:


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